The Complete Homeopathy Guide

Homeopathy is a natural remedy that uses a system of medicinal substances to treat the symptoms of an illness or a disorder.  Contrary to this fact, if these same medicinal substances were to be taken in its pure form, it will actually result in the appearance of similar symptom.

The principles of homeopathy is based on an ancient philosophy of ‘like cures like’.  Its concept is that when the body produces symptoms, it is actually the body’s way of fighting against the disease.  In summary, a minute dose of a medicinal substance that stimulates an illness’s symptoms in a healthy person can be used to combat the very same illness in another sick person.

Holistic Approach of Homeopathy

Homeopathy adopts a holistic approach of curing an ailment or disorder by treating the whole person and does not focus merely on treating the symptoms.  When treating the whole person, the treatment also takes into consideration the overall state of health of the affected person with significant consideration on both the psychological and emotional well-being.

The rationale is that an ailment provides an indication that there is an imbalance within the body.  Hence, a homeopathic remedy has to be suited for both the symptoms and the temperament as well as the characteristics of the patient. Therefore, different remedies may be given to two patients suffering from the same illness depending on their individual natures.  Sometimes, a single remedy may even be used to cure different groups of illnesses or symptoms.

During treatment, the symptoms are redirected from the more important to the less important body systems.  Healing also starts from the innermost to the outermost parts of the body and the more recent symptoms will start to disappear first.  This is called the ‘law of direction of cure‘.

Sometimes, during the healing process, the symptoms may worsen at the beginning but, not to worry, as they are usually short-lived and is considered as the ‘healing crisis’.  It actually denotes a change and improvement is expected to follow.

This website provides a guide on how to precisely identify the symptoms to make your choices so much easier.  For example, for problems of chronic sinusitis, use Pulsatilla as the remedy if the mucous is flowing outwards.  However if it is the reverse, i.e. the mucous is flowing inwards, then use Kali Bichrome.

Today many people are aware of the benefits of homeopathy and it has become a very popular natural remedy to treat or bring fast relief for common ailments.  More and more people are choosing homeopathic remedies over prescribed medicinal drugs.