Homeopathic Remedies for Backache and Lumbago

Back Pain Remedies

Some of the common symptoms are aching pain in the hips and back which worsens when sitting and pain is lessen when standing, finding difficulty in bending, numbness, tingling sensation, stiffness, pain radiating to legs and buttocks and a localized sharp pain in the small of the back.

Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms: Backache affecting hips and sacrum, weak spine, pain in the coccyx, pain worse while stooping or walking, back and legs giving way
Homeopathic medicine: Aesculus
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Lumbar region pain
Homeopathic medicine: Agaricus
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Retching, feeling cold and clammy perspiration caused by the slightest effort to move, heavy weight in the coccyx sensation, violent pain in the sacro-lumbar region
Homeopathic medicine: Antim Tart
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Injury pain
Homeopathic medicine: Arnica
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Kidney problems, back, hip, groin, kidney region and around the abdomen
Homeopathic medicine: Berberis Vulgaris
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Pain together with stiffness in the small of the back, pain worse on movement but better with strong pressure.
Homeopathic medicine: Bryonia (1st remedy for stiffness and if pain is made worse on movement)
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Chronic pain in lumbar region
Homeopathic medicine: Calcarea Fluorica
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Dark blood during late menstruation
Homeopathic medicine: Calcarea Phos
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Unbearable pain in hips and loins, irascible temper, numbness
Homeopathic medicine: Chamomilla
Potency: 200, 1000

Symptoms: Sharp pain across the kidneys like sensation of being stabbed with knives in the back, pain worse with movement and at night
Homeopathic medicine: China
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Tearing or jerking pain in coccyx during menstruation, back bending backwards like an arch
Homeopathic medicine: Circuta
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Rheumatic pain in back, sacral region, lumbar, down thighs and through hips as well as pain all over
Homeopathic medicine: Cimicifuga
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Back pain after coitus
Homeopathic medicine: Cobalt
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Feeling of paralysis on small of the back
Homeopathic medicine: Cocculus
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Pain from incarcerated flatulence, spreading from the abdomen to the back and into the sacrum.
Homeopathic medicine: Cochleria
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Pain from prolapsed uterus and suppressed menses, painful weakness and dragging in lumbar
Homeopathic medicine: Helonias
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Spinal concussion and severe pain, nerves injury in the spine
Homeopathic medicine: Hypericum
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Pain in the small of the back or in the lumbar region due to strain, exposure, lying on damp sheets or performing a strenuous job.  Feels better for a short while when lying on hard surface or on motion.
Homeopathic medicine: Rhus Tox
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Pain in lumbar vertebrae or in coccyx as if from a fall or a blow
Homeopathic medicine: Ruta
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Pain from incarcerated flatus, pain worse in the morning
Homeopathic medicine: Staphysagria
Potency: 200