Homeopathic Remedies for Curved Back

Lordosis Treatment

Curved back or lordosis is the abnormal inward curvature of a section of the lumbar spine. From a lateral view, the back will look like it is bent backwards similar to an arch with the buttocks sticking out.  Lordosis can happen in people of any ages.

However if the curve is excessive, a condition known as hyperlodosis, then the condition becomes unhealthy and may lead to future back pain.  Other common names are saddle back and swayback.

Causes of lordosis or hyperlordosis can be due to a tight hip flexors, weak hamstrings, sitting too long while driving or at the computer table, staying in one position for too long a period, poor posture, spondylolisthesis or achondroplasia.

Other risk factors increasing the potential of developing lordosis are hip disorders, osteoporosis, obesity, back surgery, kyphosis or disc problems.

  1. Symptoms: The back is bent backwards just like an arch
    Homeopathic medicine: Cicuta
    Potency: 200