Homeopathic Remedies for Myelitis

Treatment for Myelitis

Myelitis is an inflammation of the spinal cord and can be caused by various diseases.  The gray matter of the spinal cord can by affected by poliomyelitis which leads to motor dysfunction.  The white matter can be affected by leukomyelitis which leads to sensory dysfunction.  Any levels of the spinal cord can be attacked by these 2 types of myelitis causing scattered lesions and partial destruction.  The entire spinal cord can be affected by acute transverse myelitis which leads to both sensory and motor dsyfunctions.  Acute transverse myelitis is the most devastating disease with rapid onset.

Acute transverse myelitis can be caused by pneumonia, measles, acute desseminated encephalomyelitis or syphilis.  Other types of myelitis may be caused by herpes virus B, herpes zoster, poliovirus, rabies virus, polio or smallpox vaccination, tuberculosis, fungal and parasitic infections, abscesses, syphilis and chronic adhesive arachnoiditis.

In some cases, a type of myelitis can also be caused by certain types of toxic agents such as lead, carbon monoxide and arsenic whereby acute inflammation, followed by possible necrosis and hemorrhage, can possibly cause destruction to the entire circumference of the spinal cord.

Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms: Stiffness, pain and inflammation in the small of the back, stiffness and pain in the nape of the neck, better and improved motion for a while or when lying on a hard surface.
Homeopathic medicine: Rhus Tox
Potency: 200