Homeopathic Remedies for Neck Cracking

Homeopathy for Neck Cracking

There are numerous factors that can cause neck cracking.  The cervical vertebrae, also commonly known as the neck vertebrae, may produce a cracking sound with some rotational movements, lateral or front flexion or extension whereby the head is tilted towards the back.

The cracking sound is created when gas or fluid, within the joints that is surrounding the area of the neck, is released and the temporary vacuum that is immediately being produced starts to be filled up by gas.

Neck cracking can cause pressure on the joints leading towards the ligaments being stretched to an unstable level.  Frequent neck cracking can result in perpetual instability which can eventually lead to an irreversible and serious condition known as osteoarthritis.  In fact, neck cracking can also lead to strokes especially affecting those age 60 and above.  Other known cases as a result of frequent neck cracking is blood clotting and neck arthritis.

Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms: Cracking of cervical vertebrae with head movements
Homeopathic medicine: Cocculus
Potency: 30