Homeopathic Remedies for Stiffness

Stiff neck and back

You are suffering from stiffness if you encounter difficulties when bending or flexing.  At the same time you feel pain and uncomfortable rigidity when making such efforts.

Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms: Stiff neck with swollen glands
Homeopathic medicine: Belladonna
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Stiff back with intense pain, post operative pain in the lumbar area
Homeopathic medicine: Berberis Vulgaris
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Stiffness becomes worse on movement, stiffness in the nape of the neck and small of the back, stitching pain.
Homeopathic medicine: Byronia (the first medicine in stiffness)
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Stiff neck and stiff back, muscles feeling like it is bound with a rope, can hardly move the head, chronic rheumatic pain and deformed joints.
Homeopathic medicine: Causticum
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Neck stiffness with fixed pain under the inner and lower angle of the right scapula
Homeopathic medicine: Chelidonium
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Contraction and stiffness in the neck and back, sensitive upper spine, pain severe, intolerable giddiness, cervical spondylosis, numb and tingling fingers
Homeopathic medicine: Cimicifuga
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Neck painful and stiff from catching cold during wet weather
Homeopathic medicine: Dulcamara
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Icy cold sensation down the spine, stiff back, rigid cervical muscles, sharp pain in the neck
Homeopathic medicine: Strychninum
Potency: 30