Homeopathic Remedies for Swollen Glands and Veins

Home Remedies for Swollen Glands

Swollen glands, also known as swollen lymph nodes, can be caused by various problems such as salivary gland infection, mononucleosis, flu or a tooth abscess and are often painful.  Swelling of the lymph nodes occurs when the immune system attacks the infecting viruses or bacteria and will usually subside back to normal size once the infection is over which may take up to a week or so.  Homeopathic remedies has been found to be beneficial in helping to treat conditions of swollen glands and veins.

Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms: Swollen glands in the nape of the occiput
Homeopathic medicine: Baryta Carb
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Enlarged and hardened cervical glands
Homeopathic medicine: Heckla Lava
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Swollen veins in the neck
Homeopathic medicine: Opium
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Chronic swelling in the glands of the cervix, cold and hard, swelling from diseases of the bones in the spine
Homeopathic medicine: Silicea
Potency: 200