Homeopathic Remedies for Child Tooth Decay

Tooth decay in children

Tooth decay in children is most likely to occur in the lower and upper front teeth and may develop into a serious problem if not halted or prevented. Child tooth decay usually occurs when too much sugar comes into contact with the teeth. Sugar helps bacteria to grow and make acids causing teeth to decay.

The baby teeth needs to be kept strong and healthy to help children when chewing food or speaking as well as allowing sufficient space in the jaw for future adult teeth to grow straight. If tooth decay is not treated well, eventually the baby teeth may start to rot, break or prematurely fall out. Infection may also start getting into the tooth nerve and impact future development of the underlying adult teeth thus causing the child to face the potential risk of lifelong dental issues.

How to prevent tooth decay

Tooth decay can easily be prevented with proper oral hygiene. However once tooth decay starts, early detection and early treatment of tooth decay is crucial for prevention of cavities formation. These are some guidelines for prevention of tooth decay in children.

  • Avoid giving fluids containing high amounts of sugar to children.

    For babies, the best option is to give only milk and water only. For older babies and children, try to give low sugar foods or drinks. During times when the child does consume something sweet, try reducing the acid amount on the teeth by eating some tooth-friendly food or drinking water afterwards. So what are tooth-friendly food? They are low-sugar foods which helps in promoting chewing and getting the child’s saliva going. Tooth-friendly food includes cheese, chopped celery or chopped carrot.

  • Avoid putting a child to sleep with food or a bottle.

    It may be rather convenient to put a child to sleep with a feeding bottle however this may cause harm to the child’s teeth. The sugars from milk or juice will remain too long on the child’s tooth which can then eat away the enamel causing a condition called bottle mouth. Signs of bottle mouth syndrome is discolored, pitted or pocked front teeth and even cavities in severe cases.

  • Ensure proper dental care.

    Begin proper dental care even before the first baby tooth appears. Even though the teeth are still not visible, using a damp washcloth to clean the baby’s gum daily can help to remove harmful bacteria. When the teeth are visible, use an infant toothbrush, a smear of toothpaste and water to brush the child’s teeth until age 2. Between ages 2 to 5, majority of the kids will know how to spit while brushing teeth so try supervising the child in using a pea-sized toothpaste amount and water.

When signs and symptoms of decaying teeth appear in your child, there are available natural healing homeopathic remedies that can help to treat the problems. It is also good to consult a dental surgeon for advice and treatment.

Homeopathic remedies

Symptoms: Tooth decay as soon as the baby’s teeth appear, sore gums
Homeopathic medicine: Kresote
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Loose child’s teeth, bleeding gums, fetid breath, copious saliva
Homeopathic medicine: Merc Sol
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Child’s teeth are black and loose, gums eroded, sore, swollen or pale
Homeopathic medicine: Staphysagria
Potency: 30