Homeopathic Remedies for Cold or Coryza

What is a cold?

The common cold, coryza, cold in the head or snuffles is a viral disease infecting the soft mucous membrane in the nose and can be very contagious.  In fact there are many different types of viruses causing the common cold with its characteristic symptom being a runny nose.

The common cold is usually quite mild with recovery usually taking about a week.  however, in some cases, the same symptoms of the cold can become much more serious just like influenza.

Most of the people tends to catch the common cold about 2-4 times per year especially during the extremely cold winter months.  No one is immune to the common cold as both adults and children alike can catch the cold.  In fact, the cold is one of most common and earliest health problem affecting the young infant.

The common cold is spread via airborne droplets whenever the victim sneezes or coughs.  Another common way is spreading by hand whereby the virus exists on the hands and the hands were then placed close to the nose or eyes.

What are the symptoms of a cold?

Some of the common symptoms of the common cold includes:

  • An abnormal nasal secretion interfering with breathing and suckling
  • Itching in the palate
  • Sneezing
  • A temperature rise during infection or exposure
  • A chill crawling along the spine
  • Pain and congestion in the head
  • Body pain
  • Eyes water, turning red and itchy
  • Nose partially or fully blocked, sometimes hindering the child’s respiration while suckling at the breast
  • The child is breathing through the mouth

Today’s modern medication does not cover any cures at all for the common cold hence homeopathic remedies are recommended instead as the common cold very often responds well to these safe and natural remedies.

Homeopathic remedies

Symptoms: Catching the cold when exposed to dry cold air, fever, bouts of sneezing
Homeopathic medicine: Aconite (in the early stages)
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Copious, watery, excoriating discharge with sneezing
Homeopathic medicine: Arsenic Alb
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Bronchitis, painful hacking cough, cold in the chest
Homeopathic medicine: Bryonia
Potency: 30, 200

Symptoms: Catching the cold when exposed to damp weather
Homeopathic medicine: Dulcamara
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Copious discharge form the eyes
Homeopathic medicine: Euphrasia
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Congestion in the head, pain at the base of the head, body pain, chill up the spine, heavy and burning eyes, sore throat, running nose
Homeopathic medicine: Gelsemium
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Ropy, thick mucous going inwards, pain in sinuses, behind the ears, in the orbits of the eyes
Homeopathic medicine: Kali Bi
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Stuffy cold, breathing through the mouth
Homeopathic medicine: Nux Vomica
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Bland, yellow greenish, free flowing mucous, fetid
Homeopathic medicine: Pulsatilla
Potency: 30