Homeopathic Remedies for Earwax

Earwax Remedies

Earwax, which is also medically known as cerumen, is actually produced by the special glands within the ear canal and is intended as protection against infections or damage to the ear.  In normal circumstances, there will be an accumulation of a small amount of earwax which subsequently dries up then dislodges from the ear canal bringing with it undesired sand or dust particles.

Earwax helps to coat the ear canal and acts temporarily like a water repellent.  Ear infection or dry and itchy ears can result from an absence of earwax.

Earwax blockage is one of the most common ear problem and occurs due to the earwax being pushed deep inside the ear canal.  Common causes of earwax blockage includes the usage of Q-tips, rolled napkin corners, bobby pins, earplugs or hearing aids.

Symptoms associated with earwax blockage includes dizziness, decrease in hearing, ear pain, fullness or plugged sensations in the ear or ringing in the ear.

Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms: Harden earwax and obstructing the ear, sometimes causing deafness
Homeopathic Remedies: Conium
Potency: 200
Note: This homeopathy medicine can help to eliminate the earwax