Homeopathic Remedies for Cancer Symptoms

Alternative Cancer Treatment

The role of medicine in treating cancer is still rather limited.  There continues to be ongoing research in the world to find a cure.  Fortunately not all tumours are cancerous or malignant however it is necessary to check with your doctor if you encounter any suspicious lumps in your body.  Even if it is found to be cancerous or malignant, chances of a cure and recovery from cancer is very good for cancers that are detected at an early stage.

The role of homeopathic medicines for cancer cases are mainly as a palliative medicine as they are effective in:
alleviating pain and discomfort by decreasing the severity and intensity of cancer symptoms.

  • helping to control the chemotherapy side effects thus making the therapy more bearable.
  • improving and boosting the immune system which helps to increase the body’s own self-healing capability hence helping to build up the resistance to secondary infections.  This will also help greatly to control the progress and spread of cancer.
  • helping faster recovery from post surgery
  • reducing the chances of cancer recurrence
  • helping to fight cancer especially if still in the early stage.

Homeopathic remedies has no side effects at all and its use as a palliative medicine can make the cancer sufferers lead a relatively healthier and more comfortable life.

The appropriate palliative homeopathy medicine for cancer symptoms

  1. Cancer of the Brain
  2. Cancer of the Esophagus
  3. Cancer of the Larynx
  4. Cancer of the Lip
  5. Cancer of the Lungs
  6. Cancer of the Mouth
  7. Cancer of the Stomach
  8. Cancer of the Tongue