Homeopathic Remedies for Nose Symptoms

Function of the nose

The function of the nose is for trapping infection and preventing it from reaching the lungs.  These trapped infections are the ones that gives rise to running nose, cold and sore throat.  Sometimes the infection can become chronic making it difficult to clear it.  Infection can also cause green/yellow/grey mucus to flow either into the throat or outwards.  The mucous can smell foul for severe cases and can even result in the sufferer to have difficulty in breathing so much so that he is force to breathe through his mouth.

Infection can also travel into the Eustachian tubes causing severe pain in the middle ear.  Nobody can avoid getting the common cold.  However there are homeopathy remedies that can help to alleviate the distress caused by ailment and in some cases, can also provide a cure with no side effects.

Some of the immediate actions to take are:-

  • Continuously drink lots of warm water throughout the day and make sure you sip the water rather than gulp it down.  Hold each sip for a few seconds to let it stay in the throat.
  • Drink fruit juices which are at room temperature
  • When sneezing, cover your nose with tissue to avoid infecting others nearby.
  • Do not blow your nose too hard to avoid injuring the delicate lining.
  • Do not scratch and remove any dry scabs forcefully.  Instead use water or coconut oil to moisten and to clean them with delicacy.
  • Try avoiding the use of nasal drops to clear stuffy nose unless absolutely necessary.  If it is unavoidable to use, use it for a very short duration only and make sure it is per the doctor’s advice as they can cause harm eventually.

A cold can sometimes lead to ear infections or bronchitis which are very severe complications.  Make sure you do not ignore the symptoms.  Attend to them immediately with homeopathic remedies.  There are various homeopathy medicine for different types of nose symptoms ranging from the very mild to the more severe symptoms.

Nose symptoms and the appropriate homeopathy medicine

  1. Caries of Nasal Bones
  2. Chronic Cold
  3. Dry Cold
  4. Frequent colds
  5. Hyposmia
  6. Itching
  7. Loss of Smell
  8. Nasal Discharge
  9. Nasal Polyps
  10. Nasal Septum Perforation
  11. Nose Bleeds
  12. Nose Burning
  13. Nose Eczema
  14. Nose Swelling
  15. Nose Tickle
  16. Pain
  17. Post-Nasal Drip
  18. Sinusitis, Acute or Chronic
  19. Sneezing
  20. Snuffles
  21. Sternutation
  22. Stuffy Nose