Homeopathic Remedies for Nose Bleeds

Homeopathic Remedies

Symptoms: Epistaxis or bleeding from the nose
Homeopathic medicine: Ambrosia

Symptoms: Sneezing
Homeopathic medicine: Mother Tincture
Potency: During attack – 10 drops in water
Duration: Every 15 minutes until nose bleeds stop

Symptoms: Blood in mucus   (blown out from nose)
Homeopathic medicine: Ammonia Carb
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Persistent bleeding
Homeopathic medicine: Camphor Mother Tincture for smelling
Potency: Every 15 minutes, plus 10 drops on sugar dose until nose bleeds stop

Symptoms: Daily nose bleed attacks, body weak and face pale
Homeopathic medicine: Carbo Veg
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Nose bleed is dark and stringy with blood clots
Homeopathic medicine: Crocus
Potency: 30

Symptoms: Coryza or head cold with small haemorrhage causing handkerchief to be always stained
Homeopathic medicine: Phosphorus
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Nose bleed when hard crusts in the nose is loosen
Homeopathic medicine: Silicea
Potency: 200

Symptoms: Sensitive nasal bones
Recommendation: This is a chronic case which requires medical attention