Homeopathic Remedies for Nose Burning

Burning nose

A nose burning sensation most likely is a symptom of a diseased or damaged sensory nerve which can be caused by allergies especially seasonal allergies.  These types of allergies are known as allergic rhinitis or by a more common name of hay fever.

Other causes of burning nose sensation can be due to air pollution, tobacco smoke, severe sunburn, burned skin caused by extreme heat, ingestion or inhalation of a dangerous chemical or even from side effects of using nasal spray medication.

In more serious cases, the nose burning sensation can also be caused by multiple sclerosis which is a chronic disease affecting the spinal cord and brain or by a stroke.  Usually if the nose burning sensation is accompanied by tingling or burning in multiple parts of the body, then it may be a sign of multiple sclerosis.  Seek medical attention if you encounter persistent nose burning sensation.

  1. Symptoms: Sneezing incessantly, acute nose burn with nose dripping continuously like a tap, restless
    Homeopathic medicine: Arsenic Alb
    Potency: 200
    Application: If better – hot application
    If worse – cold application