What is Homeopathy?

Modern Homeopathy

Modern homeopathy is based on the concepts and findings of a German doctor, Samuel Hahnemann and derives its medicines from minerals, plants and animal sources.  The medicines are manufactured using a process that ensures they are not rendered toxic.  These medicinal substances are then used in extremely diluted amounts.  In fact it is believed that each dilution will further enhance the curative properties as impurities that may result in undesired side effects will be lost.

Homeopathy uses only substances that has already been proven.  These proofs comes from administering a pure substance to a healthy person then observing, analyzing and recording meticulously every single effects produced by them.  Through the centuries there were thousands of such experiments being carried out and all their records being kept and published.

Homeopathy will not cure every ailments but then no system today does that either.  However there is a substantial homeopathy remedies that can bring relief for hundreds of illnesses.  You do not even have to be a trained doctor to know how to apply homeopathic remedies.  If you read and understand carefully all the symptoms for each part of the body, you will find out that you can easily identify each symptoms and the choices of homeopathic remedies that are available for each symptoms.

  1. Benefits of Homeopathy
  2. Homeopathic Medicines Manufacturing Process
  3. Storage of Homeopathic Remedies