Homeopathic Medicines Manufacturing Process

How to make homeopathic remedies

The first stage involves soaking the substances to be used for homeopathic remedies in alcohol for the extraction of their essential ingredients and this very first solution is called as Mother Tincture. This Mother Tincture is then successively diluted either by factors of 10 (also known as the ‘decimal scale’ and designated X) or by factors of 100 (also known as the ‘centesimal scale’ and designated C).

Each subsequent dilutions is vigorously shaken before proceeding with making further dilutions.  The concept is that at each stage of the process, energy will be added thereby making the properties even more powerful whilst removing the impurities.  The thorough and vigorous shaking are believed to be able to provide energy and potency to the medicine.

These homeopathic remedies are then processed either into tablet forms, powders, ointments, solutions, suppositories, etc.  Severe symptoms will be treated with high potency remedies while the milder symptoms will be treated with less diluted or lower potency remedies.  There are no side-effects from these homeopathic medicines and if stored carefully, their shell-life can be extended very long.