Storage of Homeopathic Remedies

How to store homeopathic medicines

Learn how to store your homeopathic remedies carefully to prolong their shell-life and to be kept handy for immediate or emergency uses.

  • The ideal method is to store homeopathic medicines in airtight phials.  They should be kept away from heat, sunlight and moisture.  Do not keep any perfumes or other solutions which has strong odours near to your homeopathic medicines.
  • Make sure to keep a series of the most commonly used homeopathy remedies in your home.  You can store them together in any plastic or wooden boxes.
  • When buying the medicines from the chemist, request for phials of 2 drams each.  Pills are much easier to handle compared to liquids.  So request for pill size of 20.
  • Check for discoloration before using.  The medicines are still good even for years so long as there are no discoloration.
  • When purchasing from the chemist, request for packing dates to be written on the labels so that you can easily track the shell-life of the medicines.  If needed, you can also add some small personal labels on the top for easier identification and selection.  You can also arrange the medicines in alphabetical orders for convenience and ease of taking the medicines.
  • It is important that the cap must be put back very tightly after using each phial.
  • Remember to keep the medicines on high places to prevent children from accessing them